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The newest graphical display

The SGDP-650:  The Graphical customer display
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SAGA presents the next generation of client display systems: the SGDP-650. This customer display screen gives you the option of alternating between text (prices, product info) and scrolling images.

Physically it resembles a classic 2-lines customer display, but combines information, images and colours to offer a more dynamic visual experience.

No more need for a second screen to display promotional messages - satisfy all of your POS communication needs with a single unit.



Simple, rapid connection to your POS terminal via USB. Select images and text at the click of a button using the dedicated SAGA Manage software.
Personalise your text/backgrounds with a choice of 16 colours, download over 60 visuals and select your display mode.

The SGD-650 is available in SAGA grey or matte white. The SGD-650 comes as a stand-alone unit, or can be integrated with SAGA till systems and touch screens. For more information, download the full technical specifications.