Committed to Innovation

More than technology...

Our years of experience in POS creation have allowed us to develop a fully-integrated and connected range of cross-compatible EPOS devices. The SAGA range is a modular collection, allowing you to select the systems and devices you need and tailor their configuration to meet the constraints of your retail environment.

When it comes to creating effective POS systems, the choice of components is crucial. The SAGA range uses only industrial-quality components with guaranteed lifespan and reliability.




With the SAGA range, we take pride in providing retailers with the best EPOS solutions on the market. Our R&D division works tirelessly to design new products at the cutting edge of POS technology. All of our products undergo rigorous testing in extreme conditions before they are approved for sale. Our goal is always to ensure that they comply with the applicable energy standards and respect our quality policy.

We also work to give clients the benefit of our expertise, with hands-on user support.

At Perimatic we are determined to make innovation work for our clients.

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Because technology for technology's sake is useless if users don't know how to use it!



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