Environmental responsibility

Individual actions and a determination to take responsibility for our environmental impact are the only way that we can hope to face up to the great ecological challenges of our age on a global level.

The design, fabrication and use of SAGA systems all comply with the latest environmental standards.

Our policy of environmental responsibility ensures that we take a comprehensive approach to assessing our ecological impact.

Committed to meeting our eco-goals, we have established an internal committee tasked with monitoring our environmental performance.

démarche éco responsable

SAGA protective housing is primarily composed of steel and ABS plastic. This combination is at once light and robust. All components in the SAGA range have long lifespan and are fully compliant with all applicable standards.

Power consumption:
The energy consumption of the SGS-100-XS is comparable to that of an energy-efficient 24W bulb.

Transportation and packaging:
SAGA uses recycled cardboard, in packaging formats designed to minimise waste and optimise transportation.


How are our products transported?
We prioritize maritime transportation between our factories and warehouses, allowing us to limit our carbon emissions.
e.g. The transportation of 350 SAGA units in a shipping container is equivalent to 13000km aboard a 75CV vehicle, i.e. 37km per unit.

SAGA is a partner of the ENERGY STAR® certification.
This initiative brings together manufacturers committed to protecting the environment, with thorough checking of all components used in their products and evaluation of their energy consumption.




Retaining strict control over the fabrication conditions of our products.
Minimising greenhouse gas emissions during transportation.
Minimising energy consumption throughout the product life cycle.


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