The SAGA philosophy


Because no two commercial environments are quite the same, SAGA offers a broad range of customizable resistive and capacitive touch-screen technologies. With the majority of POS systems currently available on the market, aesthetic quality is hardly a top priority. In that respect, the SAGA range is a whole new proposition: a collection of sleek, design-conscious POS solutions which offer the latest technology and innovation in a compact format.



                                Resistive Version                                                                         Projected Capacitive Version

dimension saga
CT dimensions
Ergonomics and Design

In addition to the modern design and varied colours of all the products in the SAGA range, particular attention has been paid to questions of ergonomics and optimising space on your sales counter.


SAGA devices are about much more than just sleek contours: they have been designed with your workspace in mind, with configurations tailored to the demands and constraints of today's sales environments.




A comprehensive EPOS solution will take up no more than 23cm² on your sales counter:


  1. Resistive or Capacitive 15'' POS terminal
  2. Thermal receipt printer
  3. Barcode scanner
  4. Customer display unit or advertising screen
  5. One single power cable for the whole set-up
philosophie 2
cs philo

The latest Point of Sale technology, condensed into one compact package.


The SAGA range is flexible and ever-evolving: all of our devices are compatible with one another, with both all-inclusive and modular options allowing you to create your own bespoke check-out environment. The choice of an all-in-one POS solution will depend entirely on the sales environment you are operating in, and as such we offer two POS configuration options based on the same components.



Our touch monitors offer the same specifications and options as our EPOS systems. The central unit can thus be installed underneath the sales counter.

We use similar colours and materials for all of our POS systems and associated devices. Our vision of a harmonious point-of-sale environment does not involve POS systems, printers and other devices in wildly different colours and materials.


The SAGA philosophy is based on combining simple, robust and aesthetically-pleasing components to create your perfect sales environment.


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