OLINK pack touch cash register

The O-Link pack is the “starter” offer from the SAGA range.

It consists of a 15” POS system (OL-600V) based on an Intel® Celeron 5205U processor combined with a projected capacitive touch-sensitive panel and equipped with a 2-line customer display integrated directly into the POS structure. The thermal receipt printer SGPR-200II and a SGBS-360 2D wired scanner are also included in the pack.

The all-in-one point-of-sale terminal pack consists of the basic elements of a checkout station. The VESA 75 mount at the rear of the touch-sensitive POS allows it to be installed on a pole to save counter space. Complemented by the SGDK-410 horizontal cash drawerthe O-Link pack is the ideal hardware POS solution for retailers and other independent retail outlets.

  • Characteristics of the OL600V TPV contained in the OLINK pack

  • The 15'' touchscreen terminal offered in the OLINK pack is built from the same motherboard base as the OVA product range (Intel® Céléron 5205U)  offered with a 4GB memory stick and a 128GB data storage hard drive . However, we observe two elements specific to the OL600V TPV:

    • Integration of the 2 line-customer display at the checkout
    • The choice of complete plastics (base and screen) in ABS plastic

    In fact, the big difference with the other POS in the range lies in the 2-line customer display. It is connected via USB and embedded in the shell of the 15'' terminal. This integration blends in with the lines of the POS, it is discreet and functional, which facilitates the installation of the collection point.

    In addition to reducing the weight of the pack, the choice of ABS plastic covering for the entire terminal makes the price of the OLINK pack even more competitive and more attractive than its OVA cousins.

  • Which touchscreen cash register to choose for retail businesses?

  • Our expertise has led us to design this collection equipment pack primarily for food or non-food retail businesses such as:

    • restaurants, bars
    • bakeries
    • grocery stores
    • hairstyle, beauty
    • garden centers
    • booksellers,....

    The OL600V terminal contained in the OLINK pack is compatible with most cash register software on the market which runs under Windows OS and Linux.

    See the detailed characteristics of the pack on our product sheet

They use this product

Customers are looking for “all-inclusive” checkout solutions, and the OLINK pack is the perfect answer to the requirements of new retailers. We thank PERIMATIC for offering us a complete range of touch-sensitive kiosks to meet our customers’ needs.

K. YAJOUD , Technical Account Manager, ATOS, Maroc.

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