A little history


At the beginning

PERIMATIC started as a company specialising in the design and development of POS and Kiosk hardware solutions. It was founded in 1999 by CEO Didier DAROCHA, and at the time the SAGA brand did not exist and the company’s activity was mainly focused on the distribution of POS receipt printers from SAMSUNG and EPSON, as well as the distribution of MOTOROLA and DATALOGIC scanning solutions.
Ronan METIVIER joined PERIMATIC in 2001, where he was the company’s Key Account Sales Manager. The collaboration between the two men had only just begun and already Ronan’s experience in the field combined with Didier’s technical expertise acquired over the years, made them aware of the technological developments that were about to take place rapidly and also of the need to create their own range of Point-of-Sale equipment.

10 years later…SCO SAGA report Marjane

The needs of the market and the desire to offer consumers complete, upgradeable and modern POS systems gave rise to the SAGA brand. PERIMATIC then became a designer of touch-sensitive terminals for points of sale.
Its line of integrated/modular POS terminals with associated peripherals (cash drawers, customer screens, etc.) is the result of studies and designs made in France.
In 2017, Didier DAROCHA, always on the lookout for innovative hardware solutions, created the SAGA Self Check Out, a self-service checkout designed and manufactured in France. The DAROCHA/METIVIER duo have successfully marketed this design with its striking functionalities in France and abroad.


PERIMATIC today…K215 noire

In 2020, the SAGA brand continues to evolve along with its creator, developing the range of KIOSKS and self-ordering terminals, with the release of the KOBÉ touch-sensitive ordering terminals, available in two screen sizes to adapt to customer needs.

After more than 20 years as a business partner, Ronan METIVIER has joined Didier DAROCHA in the company’s capital to become CEO.

PERIMATIC is first and foremost a human adventure, I’m not journeying alone, I’ve seized the opportunity to be the captain of this constantly evolving vessel” Ronan METIVIER, CEO of PERIMATIC.









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