SAGA products

Our philosophy

POS and kiosks accessible to all

Because every point-of-sale environment is different, the SAGA POS brand offers a wide range of capacitive touch-sensitive terminals. Today, SAGA POS systems are capable of meeting very specific needs. The range of POS terminals varies from a low-cost cash register solution, and simple POS solutions identified by an excellent technology/price ratio, to the super-powerful touch-sensitive system with a particularly stylish design.
This equipment can be adapted to any commercial environment, whatever the space, technological or budgetary constraints.

Tillo WindowsSGD80 saga windows plus gros

Harmonised technology

Our many years of experience in the world of point-of-sale have led us to develop a hardware solution connected between each component. The SAGA POS and kiosk ranges are based on a mechanical logic that enables peripherals and systems to be assembled as required and adapted to suit different POS needs.
The choice of IT components is paramount, therefore the SAGA motherboards specially developed by our R&D department and assembled by our assemblers in Asia are integrated into the 15.6”/15” touch-sensitive POS and our KOBÉ 21.5” and 32” self-ordering kiosks. This strategy facilitates parts management as part of the maintenance of IT equipment fitted with both solutions.

SAGA OVA ligne de caisse

Eco-responsible range

The SAGA range is committed to providing the point-of-sale world with top-quality solutions. Our R&D department offers products at the cutting edge of technology. All our products are strictly tested under extreme conditions of use before deployment, to ensure compliance with indicated energy standards and our commitment to the environment.

On a global scale, only combined simple and responsible individual actions will be able to change the situation by addressing the current climatic challenges and we are contributing to this goal.

Our approach as an environmentally friendly company, requires us to take into account all the environmental impacts of our actions. As part of this approach, we have set up an internal committee to monitor our environmental impact:

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