Customer display units and PC panels

Customer display units and screens

Display units are a key element in the digitalisation of points of sale. Customer displays, monitors and advertising screens are generally integrated into checkout terminals (fitted to the back of the POS) or completely offset from the checkout point on a pole or adjustable stand. Their size varies according to the need, from the simple 2-line display to the 15” touchscreen, or also the 55” panel with a resolution of close to 1000 cd/m², all dynamic display solutions can be considered.

PC panels and Retail poles

SAGA PC panels are flat embedded computers (Screen + central processing unit) designed for retail professionals to liven up their point of sale or point of service with dynamic displays (advertising, digital promotion, etc.). They can also be integrated into independent modules (OEM) to be used as information kiosks. To complete this solution, PC panels are available with support poles for discreet and elegant countertop mounting.