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Digitalised hardware solutions to equip points of sale, manufactured under the SAGA brand.


Our SAGA POS equipment and systems

Touchscreen terminals

SAGA touchscreen POS systems are PC computers (hardware) built to receive software solutions (software) intended for POS POS POS systems; from the small boutique through the retail trade to the large franchise brand. Depending on needs, SAGA joins forces with its partners; resellers - integrators - publishers and offers a range of hardware products accessible to all.




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Touchscreen terminals

SAGA SCO (Self Check Out) and interactive kiosks are a real response to the problem of queue management and self-checkout. Built from the same computer components as our range of POS (motherboard, customer receipt printers, etc.), the order terminal solutions are intended to be placed in food businesses; non-food; entertainment market etc... to make a purchase (transaction via CB terminal) or simply to place an order.




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Digital displays and screens

Display a key element of the digitalization of points of sale. Customer displays, monitors and advertising screens are generally integrated into checkout terminals (fixed to the rear of the POS) or completely remote from the checkout point on a mast or adjustable stand. Their size varies depending on the need, from the simple 2-line display to the 55'' touch screen with a resolution between 300 and 1000 cd/m², all dynamic display hardware solutions should be considered.


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The SGPR200II, the star of POS printers

The customer receipt printer completes the collection point. Despite the eco-responsible “stop to paper” trend that we encourage, the presence of a printer to produce the customer receipt remains mandatory in all points of sale. The SAGA printer range offers basic functionalities from which our technical team can add receipt management options depending on the market concerned.



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The range of peripherals

Point-of-sale peripherals consist of different readers: handheld scanners (simple and digital barcodes), identification readers (I-Button with Dallas key), low-frequency RFID readers and magnetic card readers (MSR ). A line of cash drawers is also available in vertical or horizontal opening versions depending on the types of markets targeted.


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