OVA touch-sensitive cash registers

The OVA range of touch-sensitive cash registers, SAGA’s best-selling integrated system, is available in several models depending on market requirements.

They all have the same physical and mechanical characteristics (hardware), but are built around a customised SAGA motherboard on which an Intel® processor of varying power is mounted:

  • OVA i5/Wide touch-sensitive POS Intel®Core Broadwell i5-5350U
  • OVAJ1900 touch-sensitive POS Intel® Celeron 5205U

This way the range of peripherals and accessories offered is compatible with all models of OVA from the most moderate to the most powerful Intel® processor. This makes it easier to manage computer equipment which require variable resources, while still offering the same peripherals (printer, scanner, ID reader, etc.). The simple, discreet plastic design of the OVA POS range is combined with a black aluminium stand specially designed to route the cables for these peripherals.

The competitively priced OVA POS systems are available with the SGPR200II thermal receipt printer, the SGD200 customer display and the SGDK410 horizontal cash drawer for a complete, functional POS solution.


  • Which OVA touch cash register to choose?

  • The OVA POS model exists in 3 versions:

    • The OVAi5 integrated model, the one that goes everywhere, the most suitable and the most adaptable.
    • The OVAJ1900 integrated model, the most accessible in terms of price but technologically limited.
    • The modular 15'' POS screen model OVT150 ​​associated with a PC box compatible with all brands.

    Depending on the needs and the market concerned, the integrated POS will optimize the counter space of the most common businesses, therefore 70% of points of sale will prefer the installation of a compact checkout. Whether it is the integrated system or the OVA customer screen, it will accommodate all the Reader hardware options necessary for cashing at a point of sale:

    • customer display attached to the checkout or screen arrival (2-line LCD, 8" or 10")
    • 2D scanner integrated under the body or screen (SGBS410FS)
    • Dallas key identification reader (SGIB-01)...

    In order to secure the sending of this POS equipment, SAGA invents OVA LE PACK, a packaging box adapted to all OVA models combined 4/3 or 16/9 and the association of a SAGA SGPR series ticket printer as well as than compatible options.

They use this product

The OVA POS range has developed in the POS market to become a strong equipment brand with unbeatable value for money.

S. PORS , Director, EXPO BURO

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