ATOS Morocco partnership: new OVA POS terminals at Marjane

40 checkout lines installed in the 41st MARJANE Hypermarket.

New-generation hypermarket

A new open-air shopping centre concept will open its doors in October 2022 to the south of Casablanca. The Marjane Holding group, a pioneer in Moroccan retailing, is behind the 25,000m² project, which has been developed under the name “Les Myriades Bouskoura” and includes some forty national and international chains.

It was also an opportunity to inaugurate the opening of its 41th hypermarket, once again equipped by ATOS’ POS division with SAGA’s checkout hardware solutions.

This new hypermarket is bigger than its predecessors, with a non-food floor devoted to fashion, toys, home decoration, etc., where the checkout lines are located at the end of the customer journey, and a ground floor devoted exclusively to food, with corners devoted to bulk organic produce, retail chocolates and fruit and vegetables, for which we have installed complementary OVA touch-sensitive checkout systems linked to a weighing solution, all interfaced with the ORIKA checkout software.” explains Mr Yajoud, Account Manager at Atos.


ATOS, a historic partnership with SAGA

The Marjane group and the LABEL VIE group called on the POS division of ATOS to find reliable, long-term hardware and software solutions for their shops and supermarkets.

In 2009, ATOS began offering PERIMATIC modular POS solutions to equip the checkout lines of the new supermarkets that had recently been set up. As PERIMATIC is exclusively a hardware partner, ATOS found its checkout software solution with the French company ORIKA, which develops software for the mass retail sector and develops its solutions exclusively under OS Linux.


Equipment requirements are progressively changing and hardware is being renewed – moving from modular solutions to integrated SAGA touch-sensitive checkouts – always in association with checkout software developed under Linux, the main advantages of which are:

Hence ATOS’ strategy of continuing to deploy its equipment with their stable Linux solution. Currently, more than 1750 OVA touch-sensitive terminals are operational in the shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets of both groups.

A solid partnership that continues to evolve “We are working together on new solutions to sevice the equipment of several hundred shops. Last year we had to deal with problems relating to component supply in a complicated global economic context, but the downstream work carried out by the PERIMATIC – ATOS teams is proving successful” emphasises Didier DAROCHA, Managing Director of PERIMATIC.