SGD200 and SGDP240

SAGA’s 2-line customer display units are available in two versions:

  • LCD display unit integrated into SAGA checkouts (SGD200)
  • remote VFD display unit at the checkout point (SGDP240)

The SGD200 graphic customer display unit is fitted at the back of the OVA POS (facing the customer) and can be raised or lowered depending on the height of the cash register installed on the counter. Its liquid crystal technology (white LEDs on a blue background) makes the price and product information characters appear more dynamic.

Both display solutions operate via a USB link, which is needed to send data and power to the units.

The SGDP240 is available with stands of different heights to match the architecture of the sales counter. The whole unit is mounted on a weighted base and can be fitted with an optional cover.


They use this product

The OVA POS range has developed in the POS market to become a strong equipment brand with unbeatable value for money.

S. PORS , Director, EXPO BURO

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