SGD80II and SGDP80

The SAGA range can adapt to new environments in terms of point-of-sale digitalisation, with its 8” customer screen:

  • The SGD80 model is integrated into the back of OVA POS terminals
  • The SGDP80 model is remotely installed at the checkout point.

This LED LCD screen with a luminance of nearly 300 cd/m² is an essential marketing asset for point-of-sale promotional management (special operations, video presentation of the service/product concerned, price/discount communication, etc.). It comes with a USB connection that is simple and easy to install.

With its 1024×768 resolution, the SAGA 8” advertising screen can be tilted up to 60° and has a rimless screen head that resists splashes and residual dust. Its curved lines allow it to be aesthetically adapted at the back of any POS terminal equipped with a VESA75 mount. In addition, the version remotely installed at the checkout point is mounted on adjustable tubes to adapt the height of the screen to the layout of the counter.

The SGD80 graphic display is available in matt black.

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