SGIB01 Dallas key reader

The SGIB-01 identification reader, otherwise known as the “i-Button”, has been specially designed to fit touch-sensitive cash registers from the OVA range.

It is a magnetic ring which, when in contact with a Dallas key (magnetic ring), enables identification, connection and recognition of a subject. This encoded key is a badge generally used in the restaurant industry to identify cashiers. Depending on the cash register software used and the management proposed by the cash register publisher, each cashier has his or her own key to connect to the software in order to validate a cash collection.

The Dallas key reader is clipped onto the side of the POS via two USB connectors. In order not to block the two ports on the side, there is a free port on the reader that allows to connect any other peripheral. When connected, it virtualises a COM port by default, but can also switch to a USB connection using the SAGA utility supplied. 

Dallas keys are also available, in 5 different colours for cashier allocation.

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