X touch POS

The X POS system is an unique experience, both in terms of shape and technology. Its slim flat screen has been developed using “on Cell” technology, which means that the touch panel and LCD
screen are one and the same. What’s more, the X touch terminal is presented on an elegant adjustable stand. Its discreet, stylish design in black and grey aluminium allow the system to be folded up and fully deployed in a totally ergonomic way.
The X POS terminal offers a wide range of options that integrate aesthetically and technologically with the top and bottom of the touch terminal, with no wires protruding from the installation.
As standard, it comes with :

  • an Intel® Core i3-1215U processor,
  • a 256GB M.2 SSD (+ 1 available as an option) and
  • an 8GB RAM memory, all covered by a tool-less cover.

Data is transmitted via a single USB C cable, simplifying the connection system. The X POS is the ideal design solution for optimising counter space. It goes with the SGPR300L cubic receipt printer from SAGA as opposite picture.

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