Queue management, secure payment, customer autonomy and the digital transformation of retail outlets are key issues for restaurants, fast food outlets, chain shops and leisure outlets (cinemas, museums, swimming pools, etc.)

Introducing KURVEO DESK, the countertop touch-sensitive kiosk with a curved screen from SAGA.
Our customers’ experience in the field led us to develop an ALL-IN self-service checkout which boasts an aesthetic design unprecedented on the kiosk market.

This payment terminal is equipped with the basic elements of a stand-alone self-ordering station including:

  • 23.6” curved capacitive touch-screen,
  • motherboard supporting Windows or Android OS
  • SGPR300L thermal receipt printer
  • 2D scanner/NFC reader,
  • as an option, an arm fitted with a bracket capable of holding a payment terminal compatible with all brands.

The KV238WD/AD self-ordering kiosk is available for Windows and Android operating systems, and has been designed to provide quick and easy access to the components through the hatch at the back (paper change, scanner settings, EPT connection, etc.)

This table or countertop interactive terminal, is equipped with a blue LED at the base which indicates when it is switched on, providing an exceptional design.