Waiting line management, secure payment, customer autonomy and the digital transformation of sales outlets are key issues for restaurants, fast food outlets, chain shops and leisure outlets (cinema, museum, swimming pool, etc.)

That’s why SAGA offers its interactive kiosks:  KOBÉ 21.5” and 32”. They are equipped with the basic elements of a stand-alone order station, including a large touchscreen with projected capacitive technology, a thermal receipt printer and a 2D scanner (loyalty management, Click & Collect, etc.) controlled by the SAGA motherboard equipped with the Intel® Core Broadwell i5-5350U processor fitted in the OVA i5 and Wide touch-sensitive POS terminals.  These technical features are combined with a design that can accommodate an all-brand compatible payment terminal (by default Valina from Worldline).

In addition, the K-320II and K215II touch-sensitive self-ordering kiosks have been designed for quick and easy access to technical elements (paper change, scanner settings, EPT connection, etc.)

KOBÉ kiosks are available as wall-mounted or free-standing versions, the latter can also support two terminals (back-to-back – single 220V outlet) to increase sales space. They are often used in conjunction with SAGA 21.5” PC panels, these screens are installed in restaurant kitchens.


  • What is point-of-sale digitalization?

  • The SAGA range of touchscreen terminals helps retailers to digitalize their points of sale. From order-taking to checkout, via advertising, retailers now have the tools they need to make the customer experience more enjoyable.

They use this product

We install the KOBÉ 21.5” touch-sensitive self-ordering kiosk, back-to-back, in wall-mounted or free-standing version adapted to the layout of our customers’ restaurants, and I appreciate the reliability of the hardware.


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