TIMTECH partnership: KOBÉ terminals at #CHB

KOBÉ 21 self-ordering kiosk in fast-food outlets.

The fast food franchise #CHB was set up in the Paris region in the 78 department. The concept is based on cooking with fried chicken in burgers, wraps and buckets. Customers can eat in, have their order delivered or pick it up with click&collect. To match the franchise’s offering, the issue of POS equipment was unavoidable. The franchisees called on TIMTECH, an advisor and installer of specialist IT solutions, to install KOBÉ touch-sensitive self-ordering kiosks in their restaurants.

“The #CHB chain entrusted us with the management of their IT issues and we proposed a global solution for front and back office management. We installed the SAGA interactive kiosks in a second phase, as the POS layout of the restaurants fitted in perfectly with the defined location. The kiosks were installed back-to-back on sturdy steel stands. They fully meet the customer’s expectations. We also install the kiosk in wall-mounted or free-standing versions adapted to the restaurant’s configuration” says Mr HOXHA, TIMTECH Manager.

Why install self-ordering kiosk in fast-food restaurants?

These digital computers are installed as totems at entrances, along walls or on restaurant counters. They are generally made up of the basic elements of a checkout point, i.e:

These kiosks become interactive because they are equipped with payment software (PERIMATIC partners and customers) now recognised by the user when placing an order or collecting a meal paid for online. This is a major advantage for the restaurateurs, who can control their point-of-sale electronically (inventory, stock levels, management of their menu and marketing communications, etc.)
Reduced waiting lines is the visible part of this complete POS IT solution, as is self-ordering (by the customer) through to payment at the kiosk. Example: the case of #CHB, our partner TIMTECH is under contract with Ingenico to install Self4000 APTs for managing payment at the kiosk.

Finally, the self-ordering and/or payment kiosk is an accessible and almost indispensable tool in the development of a catering business.

“Thanks to our partner TIMTECH for sharing its product experience, the #CHB franchise is in full expansion and other restaurants are being set up throughout France, with some great installations to come” adds Bruno LEMAITRE, Key Account Sales Manager at PERIMATIC.

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